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From Italy we present a new program  ‘Afrobeats and the music World’  by Valentino Paco.  A music program from Valentino Paco from Genoa, Italy

A breve il nuovo programma  ‘Afrobeats and the music World’ by Valentino Paco.

Listen every hour

Leave our web radio on all day to listen to the best of Afro music from Nigeria and some Italian sounds of course. The news for Migrants will help us to give advice to migrants and migrants.

The schedule follows the time in Nigeria
for Europe we need to calculate summer time

DRUMS wakes you up at 7AM (8AM in Europe). Follows a hit parade chosen for you of any kind of  Hip/hop, afrobeat music modern and old.

News for Migrants every 2 hours. Episode 1 in Pidgin english and italian language from our Press Room. With Adeshola e Giulio.

At 2 PM live session with ‘TVC News’ for latest News from Nigeria. At 4 PM from EDO State our DJ from Benin City will choose Edo and Bini songs for us.

At 6 PM Juju and Fuji music. Songs chosen for you directly from the Lagos market.

During the evening to night News for Migrants every 3 hours and stories from migrants and for migrants in Italian language.

Explore the old music from a huge archive every night. Stories about Africa will be offered every night until morning.


ON SUNDAY AT 12 AM (1 PM in Europe)
The MASS from the Catholic Church in Rome 'Chiesa SS Simone e Giuda Taddeo', parrish Father Primus